Sounds That Hearing Loss Reduces

Sounds That Hearing Loss Reduces

Are you missing out on any of these sounds? Whether mild or profound, hearing loss has its consequences.

While vision loss has a profound effect on how one is able to function and move from place to place, hearing loss produces far weightier consequences than the average person might expect. Sounds that hearing loss reduces include several categories of sound.

Degrees of Hearing Loss

Before looking into these, understanding the degrees of hearing loss can be useful. The measurement of hearing loss ranges from mild to moderate, severe, and profound. Decibels mark the frequency at which a person can hear. For example, someone with mild hearing loss may have difficulty hearing sounds at 26 dB while a person with profound hearing difficulties may have trouble hearing 91 dB noises, which are very loud.

High-Frequency Sounds

In general, someone with hearing loss may have difficulty catching noises that have a high frequency. Frequency, which is the pitch of a noise, has its measurements in Hertz (Hz.) Some people’s hearing loss limits their ability to hear high-pitched noises (typically over 2,000 Hz) and some consonants. S, H, and F are the hardest to hear. 

Low-Frequency Sounds

Sounds that fall below 2,000 Hz can also be difficult for some people to hear. It is often due to a sensorineural, genetic, or noise-induced malfunction of the inner ear. Those with low-frequency hearing loss can have a hard time hearing speech in noisy rooms.


However, one of the general symptoms of hearing loss is hearing one person amid a noisy environment. It can also be challenging to understand the speech of someone lecturing in a large room. In general, the greater the level of hearing loss, the harder it is to pick up consonants and speech, whether whispered or spoken.

Everyday Sounds

When asked what sounds they would miss without their hearing aids, people do not mention sounds in a scientific or medical way. They name things that pertain to daily life that many might not realize are so precious. For example, people list the sound of ocean waves, their family’s laughter and voices, music, and, according to Starkey Hearing Technologies, “the sound of a fish flopping on the dock.” Thankfully, Clarity Audiology can help. Call them today! 

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