Musicians and Hearing Loss

Musicians and Hearing Loss

Musicians need hearing protection too; Clarity Audiology can help!

Musicians are the connoisseurs of sound. Noise and music notes become an art form with them, and without them, no one would be able to hear the music of the best writers and composers. While making music may be one’s passion, it also comes with an occupational hazard. Here is a look at musicians and hearing loss, and what one can do about it.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Noise-induced hearing loss is common for more of the population than one might think, but it is especially so for musicians. Recurring exposure to loud sounds at 85 dBA and higher damages the microscopic hairs in the inner ear. These hairs help process sound, and there is no way to heal, regrow, or replace them. Various instruments, including drums and electric guitar, can reach up to 100 dBA or higher. Rock concerts typically soar over this mark as well.


Besides noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus is another type of damage that musicians might face over time. This condition is the famous ringing or whistling in the ears that one might hear intermittently. It happens because the brain is filling in a sound it expects to hear but doesn’t because of damage in the inner ear. 

Hearing Aids

Some famous musicians such as Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Phil Collins, and Ozzy Osbourne have developed hearing loss after years of producing music. If a musician does discover that he has significant hearing loss, it would be beneficial to seek an audiologist for hearing aids. These devices help to amplify sound and are customizable to the wearer’s lifestyle, even for the stage.

Hearing Protection

In the meantime, musicians don’t have to end their career because of the danger of hearing loss. By no means! Instead, they can use specially-designed hearing protection to both protect their ears and still hear and respond to their bandmates’ playing. For the best of both worlds, see Clarity Audiology’s line of hearing protection devices.

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