Does Tinnitus Shrink Your Brain?


Our brains are complex; how do tinnitus and hearing loss affect it?

Tinnitus affects millions of people in the United States, and sadly, solutions are present but are not standard and may not fit everyone’s case. You might have come across ads that say that scientists have found evidence that tinnitus is shrinking your brain cells, which would lead you to imagine your brain getting smaller. Tinnitus and hearing loss could have the same effect on the brain. Does tinnitus shrink your brain?

Does Tinnitus Shrink Your Brain?

Not literally. However, it does alter the brain’s structure in that it can make the brain alert more often than usual, break down brain cell connections, and kill brain cells. In short, the brain has to work harder to function because it is in an alert state, also called dorsal mode. The ringing or whooshing sound makes it much harder for the brain to rest, as it is always listening to the sound. 

The result is that the brain will work harder and wear out faster. It can break down brain cell connections and cause atrophy, a decrease in functionality. Your brain is not getting incrementally smaller every time you hear that ringing, but it can take a toll energy-wise.

Does Hearing Loss Shrink Your Brain?

Hearing loss has a similar effect. When you cannot hear as well, the brain has to work harder to catch sounds and can break down. The inability to hear others can also lead to social isolation, depression, and anxiety. Tinnitus also often leads to anxiety, irritability, and a lower mood, which does not help brain health. Hearing loss can have the same effect of brain atrophy as tinnitus does. It does not mean that a very sharp person must lose their brain function, but it can happen.

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