How Silence Helps Hearing Health

How Silence Helps Hearing Health

Silence helps preserve our hearing health.

Today’s world is full of noises, and in some urban areas, people would pay a high sum just to get one hour of reprieve. In our culture today, some might be afraid of silence, but it is in fact something that helps maintain and improve our wellbeing, including our ears’ wellbeing. For those with hearing loss, silence helps hearing health in immeasurable ways.

Silence Helps Overall Health

If one looks up studies on the topic, one can find several studies at least that reveal that silence has beneficial results for human health. Silence reduces stress in multiple measurable ways, including lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate, reduced insomnia, and reduced cortisol, a stress hormone. The positive side is that one gains slower breathing, better sleep, calmer thoughts, improved memory and concentration, and more productivity and creativity. The brain appreciates some room to think without battling other noises vying for attention.

Silence Reduces Fatigue

Silence helps those with hearing loss in several ways. When you have hearing loss, it can take much more brainpower to concentrate on what someone is saying and to filter out background noises. In general, when the ears cannot deliver the signals to the brain as well, the brain must work harder to translate those sounds. That effort results in fatigue and the possibility of hurting the brain’s ability to function as well. Taking time to enjoy silence gives your brain a break.

Give Yourself a Break

When you let yourself enjoy a few hours of silence per day, you are taking good care of your overall health and hearing health. Silence helps your overall health by allowing one to physically calm down. Silence naturally has a calming effect on the body, improving health in many aspects, and those aspects affect other parts of the body too. It also gives the brain a break from everyday, distracting noises. Overall, silence improves hearing health both indirectly and directly. 

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