How to Safely Remove Earwax

How to Safely Remove Earwax

What is earwax and how does one manage this sticky substance? Find out here.

Earwax is one of the most interesting parts of the ear. Certainly, the construction of the outer, middle, and inner ear is fascinating, but the wonder doesn’t end there. Earwax is an icky but beautiful part of our natural makeup. It is a problem, though, when it develops in excess. Here’s more about this peculiar body secretion and how to manage it with care.

What Is Earwax?

Earwax is a natural oil secretion from the ear canal that drains toward the outer ear on its own. It picks up microscopic and not-so-microscopic debris along the way, like tiny hairs, dead skin cells, and dirt. It cleanses the ear canal with no effort on our part, and also lubricates it so it doesn’t dry out. Because of its acidity, it deters fungus and bacteria from growing within this otherwise dark and moist niche. Earwax is the cleanser in our self-cleaning ears.

Why Excessive Earwax Happens

Excessive earwax can happen for a few different reasons. Old age is one of the most common; over time, earwax can become harder and not drain out of the ear as easily. As a result, it blocks the ear canal and causes conductive hearing loss. Other reasons include wearing earbuds or hearing aids, which can stop up earwax. In turn, hearing aids and earbuds can malfunction from the debris, which is why regularly cleaning of these devices is beneficial. 

Earwax Maintenance

Healthy ears come about from regular maintenance. Taking a warm shower typically softens earwax as it mixes with the hot water. After you’re done, rub out the earwax with a cloth draped over your finger. That will help interior earwax flow out easier. Ear irrigation can also help if you have more wax; baby oil, mineral oil, or an over-the-counter product can soften impacted wax and prevent a blockage or ear infection.

Getting Medical Aid

It can be easy for impacted earwax to creep up on someone. Many don’t realize when it hits them, and medical help is necessary to remove it safely without damaging the eardrum. An audiologist can remove it with a curved tool or with irrigation. It is an easy and painless procedure, and all who undergo it are surprisingly relieved, to the extent it feels like their hearing is new. 

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