Solving Common Hearing Aid Problems

Solving Common Hearing Aid Problems

If your hearing aid isn’t working properly, it could be due to one of these simple problems.

Hearing aid technology has advanced the quality of hearing aids beyond what some might expect. Now, there are various models that can sit invisibly within or behind the ear, and can even connect with smart technology to talk on the phone or watch TV. However, as with all electronic devices, problems can happen. Thankfully, the solution may be simpler than you might think. Below are some common hearing aid problems and how to solve them.

The Correct Settings

If your hearing aid has stopped working, one of the reasons may be that it is not in the correct setting. Of course, make sure that your device is turned on. Silly as it may seem, it’s an easy mistake. If your hearing aid is programmable, check to see that it is set to the correct one and that it is not on mute. Most hearing aids have a T setting as well; see that it is not on that setting by accident. 

Properly-Inserted Battery

In some cases, the problem may lie with the battery. The battery could be dead, or it may not be sitting in the device properly. Reinserting the battery and making sure it’s in the right-way round could do the trick, if not trying out a new one.

Wet Hearing Aids

Electronic devices typically do not do well with water. With hearing aids, one should avoid wearing them in the shower, while swimming, or doing any other aquatic activity. If you happen to be in an area with high humidity for an extended time, your hearing aids may also suffer. Placing them in a bowl of uncooked rice can take out the moisture. There are also some dehumidifying storage containers specifically for hearing aids.

A Whistling Noise

Another common hearing aid problem is a whistling noise in the device. The issue is not within the aid, but rather with how it is sitting in your ear. Readjusting can help, whether it be reinserting in the ear, replacing the dome size, or other method. Earwax buildup and an accidental switch to the T setting can also cause odd noises in the hearing aids.

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