What Is Pulsatile Tinnitus?

What Is Pulsatile Tinnitus?

Is there a pulsing inside your ear? It might be pulsatile tinnitus.

Perhaps you’ve just been listening to some music through your earbuds, and then you stop. Just after the noise ceases, you hear and possibly even feel a thumping, pulsing sound inside one or both ears. Is this you? Some people may experience this sensation more frequently. This pulsing is a type of tinnitus, a sound inside the ear that, most of the time, only you can hear. Here is a little more about pulsatile tinnitus and its symptoms, causes, and treatment options.

What Is Pulsatile Tinnitus?

Pulsatile tinnitus has to do with one’s blood circulation. You are likely hearing your own heartbeat inside your ear, which may go on intermittently or regularly. This type of tinnitus is the amplified sound of blood pumping through your arteries; it has a physical cause for the sound, unlike most types of tinnitus.


The main symptom is a thumping or pulsing sensation whipping within your inner ear or ears. It may come with a little pain as well. If you experience heart palpitations, lightheadedness, sudden chest pain, or other signs of heart attack or stroke, call for medical assistance at once.


Because it is a circulation issue more than anything, the cause of your pulsatile tinnitus could be one of many diverse issues. For instance, it could be high blood pressure, which could come from stress or poor health. It could also be from narrowed neck arteries or veins, also called carotid arteries. Atherosclerosis is the clogging of arteries, a precondition for possible heart attack. Head or neck tumors and abnormal capillaries are other possible causes.


You can receive a proper diagnosis from a professional audiologist or a doctor. A doctor can help detect the cause of any circulation issues, while an audiologist can give you a thorough hearing test to see if you have suffered any hearing loss. Unless the circulation issue is from a life-threatening cause, you won’t have to worry too much about investing heavily on special treatments. High blood pressure is treatable with a healthy lifestyle, involving self-care, de-stressing, and eating a low-sodium diet.

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